Are you full of His Spirit or full of it⁉️😮‍💨

The proof of the Spirit is the fruit of the Spirit and fruit doesn’t lie. I’m absolutely an advocate for the full expression of Spiritual Gifts. Let’s balance it with accountability. The evidence of a neat person is a clean home. The evidence of a Holy Spirit is clean character. ❤️
Pastor Steven is really good at everything. 😂
(Could be the whole caption.) To call you an inspiration would be lazy. You’ve given a generation of leaders permission to build EVERYTHING God placed in their heart and the blueprint for choosing obedience over the ordinary. I’m grateful for your life and honored to call you friend. Happy Birthday!!
Did Somebody Say Fit Check!?! It’s Sunday so you know I gotta bring out the @purple_brand 🥶👀

If you are watching this and you are sitting at home, come out to 7006 Two Notch Rd. For our 11:30a service! It’s Jordan Sunday and we dressed in our Jerseys and Jordans! It’s going to be an unforgettable time, don’t miss it! 🏃🏽‍♂️💨


How will you be joining us today!?
Speechless! 🎉 Thank you a MILLION times over for your incredible support on YouTube! 🙌 

Your love and encouragement have fueled my journey, and hitting this milestone is a dream come true. 🌟 

Get ready for an epic year ahead - concert series, fresh messages, podcasts, and more headed your way! 💥 Stay tuned, stay subscribed, and let’s keep this journey going together! Much love, Travis Greene fam! ❤️

Have you ever decided to leave a toxic, abusive scenario only to find the weeds of abuse and toxicity growing in your new field⁉️

It’s because you’re attracted to what you were exposed to.🥴

Even things you don’t prefer!! 

When you grow up in toxic environments, healthy habits and people feel so unfamiliar that we recreate the very environments we escaped. We attach to the kind of people who wounded us. 

Which is why you have to make a conscious choice to change YOU! But you can’t do that alone.. 

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